Panasonic Corporation market multiple valuation (JP3866800000 - ticker:6752)


The EV/EBITDA ratio is a relevant ratio for market valuation. Panasonic Corporation shows a EV/EBITDA ratio of 5.43 for the next 12 months.
This is lower than the median of its peer group: 6.12. The company valuation of Panasonic Corporation according to these metrics is below the market valuation of its peer group.
This is significantly lower than the average of its sector (Software): 10.23. The company valuation of Panasonic Corporation according to these metrics is way below the market valuation of its sector.

Market multiple valuation of Panasonic Corporation (JP3866800000 - 6752) compared to its main competitors

Panasonic CorporationPeer group:Ratios based on Tue, 3 Mar 2015.
Panasonic Corporation Peer group
Enterprise ValueEV/EBITDARelevance
(in thousands USD) 2015next 12 mthScore
Panasonic Corporation31 887 0895.415.43
Sharp Corporation9 519 2776.306.33100%
Sichuan Changhong El...6 711 695N/AN/A77%
Lg Electronics Inc15 710 7394.574.4975%
Sony Corp32 359 6905.075.2670%
Harman International...9 447 87610.7711.4469%
TCL Corporation13 623 31811.7211.3766%
Panasonic Corporation Benchmark
next 12 mth
CompanyPanasonic Corporation5.43
Peer groupPanasonic Corporation excluded6.12
Panasonic Corporation included5.91
SectorConsumer Electronics10.23
S&P 50010.18
STOXX Europe 6008.98

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